Inspired by nature,  fueled by state of the art technology, you can shoot, edit, screen and stay at Beaverkill Studio or rent our equipment for location shoots.  A fully equipped green screen studio in the heart of the Catskills or the perfect conference center -  a working retreat for creatives who need to get the job done! Pre-production, production, post production in one place.  

You came here to create, to bring your dream from the mind to the screen. Here is a historic building filled with state of the art equipment and a cozy bed  to rest your head.    

What's that smell?  That is fresh air, my friend and it is mother's milk to the imagination. Watch the river roll from your bankside table,  and catch the tail of a tiny rewrite that suddenly lifts your creation to an unexpected place. 

Shoot all night,  then grab a torch , throw open the back door and clear your head with a full moon walk down the rails to trails path.   This trail follows the Beaverkill for hundreds of miles.

Don't go too far. There's a movie to make!

What kind of name is Beaverkill?

A kill is a river and the surrounding area.  We are nestled in the Beaverkill.   From our back porch, you can wade up Coddington Creek to the Dead End Cafe by the "Little Beaverkill."   Hard-bellies can swim 15 miles up to Livingston Manor (but there is a nice interstate for driving) where fly fishing heaven begins and trout beg for bait with their mouths agape all the way to Roscoe, trout fishing capital of North America.  Beaverkill is rivers, bald eagles, friendly towns, outdoor adventure and Beaverkill Studio - your green screen production studio retreat.  Come explore.

Take heart DIY film and media creators...

Movies Shot in the Area

Taking Woodstock,  in Bethel with James Franco.

Hits directed by local David Cross and filmed through-out Sullivan county.

Camp,  a pre-Glee Fame fest based on & filmed at Stagedoor Manor in Loch Sheldrake.

You Can Count On Me,  featuring local Mark Ruffalo.

Stephen King's Bag of Bones with a cameo by Parksville's own corner drugstore / pharmacy.

More? Martha Marcy May MarleneJamie Marks Is Dead,  KnuckleJack,  Contest...  do I continue?



Nestled right next door to our boutique studio is Cabernet Frank's.  It provides the option for on-site catering and holding for BKS productions.   Secondary Stage and Film Set, Live Music and Comedy Event Space,  wired for our own Live Feed Broadcasting capacity, Come explore to learn more.

It’s the first of its kind production and post production studio in the Catskills.

Who the heck is RJ Baker?!   He was born in Buffalo, NY, "The City of No Illusions."  He graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa and  travelled the world, returning to NYC as stage manager at Studio Akiva in the bad old days of DUMBO when factories and warehouses girded the elephant's loins.  There he honed his talent for developing, editing, and producing his own and other people's illusions as a video artist, film editor and supervisor.   In 2005, on a drive through the Catskills, he spotted the old Fried Bros.  Feed Store and had a vision - one day he would transform the 1890 landmark Parksville building into an Akiva-inspired film production studio.  


James Karpowicz is a painter, filmmaker and designer. He earned his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and was awarded the Ellen B. Stoeckel Fellowship from Yale University in 1990. He was the co-founder of the arts organization Art Without Walls
and started his own production company ,Karpocraft Productions, in New York City in the mid 1990's. He has written and directed several 16mm short films with a surrealist influence, produced numerous video works and continues to paint and construct neo pop assemblages in his recently relocated Catskill mountain studio just north of New York City.