"Power Play" a day in the life of "Nick and Nicky"

    So, everybody knows that Beaverkill Studio loves Eddie Nichols.  He is a pix clicker of great talent, an editor extraordinaire and just one hell of a nice guy.  When friend of the studio Debra Winger ran into Eddie at our opening party; they shared some laughs about all the cigarettes DW used to bum from him while they were working in adjacent editing suites.  So many cigs in fact that our Eddie eventually decided to just start leaving a pack out conspicuously for her smoking pleasure.  Eddie’s just that kind of giving person.

   It was no surprise then that one fine day the Studio received a call from actor and screenwriter Patrick Askin.  Patrick had recently completed a fresh screen play called “Nick and Nicky” that harkened back to old school Hollywood glamour and was topped with sprinklings of campiness, physical comedy and the extravagant gay flamboyance of a recently married couple caught up in a murder mystery.  Director Marcus Slabine once called the script one part “Birdcage” and one part “Clue”.  As it turned out; Eddie is editing the film and recommended that Patrick give us shout to find out how we could help with some upcoming scenes that needed to be shot.  We of course were happy to accommodate.  Thanks Eddie!

  Patrick and I started a dialogue to work through some of the nuances of the scenes and the overall look and feel that he was going for.  We here at Beaverkill find that this dialogue is a critical part of the creative process and nothing matters more than getting on the same page with the production teams that come through our doors.  Patrick laid out his vision and we totally “got it”.  Next step…how can we efficiently and effectively capture this vision?

  Due to the nature of the scenes that needed to be shot,  we decided to shoot on location…but where?  I hit the ground running and parsed out some potential spots;  grabbed some photos and hit the phones.  We eventually landed on a local resort; The Villa Roma…which amazingly happened to have a pre-scheduled mid winter facility “vacation” planned for the week that Patrick needed to shoot on.  Essentially, the entire resort was to be closed down for the week with only a skeletal crew onsite…we had the place to ourselves!  The serendipity of it all was that Glenn North, one of the films leading character’s, needed to go on tour to Europe immediately after the shoot playing the lead role of Berger in “Hair”.  The timing couldn’t have been better.

  So far,  so good.  Patrick and I worked out a few more details and Beaverkill Studio rounded up some extras, craft service options and a great local sound guy, Carl Welden.  We also tucked in the Beaverkill beds with some fresh sheets and pillows and prepared the studio to accommodate a crew of 12.  As most of you know, one of the unique and great aspects of the studio is the ability to stay here with your team…thus the “Shoot.  Edit.  Stay”!  Ok.  All set.  We’re ready to go.

The day before the shoot after a morning of busy preparation, I sit down to my desk to have a quick bite for lunch.  The phone rings.  “Wwhhhaaaaaatttt??!”  I shout into the phone.  On the other end is a lovely , but concerned lady… the General Manager of the Villa Roma, Carol Kelly.  “A transformer?  Blown?  No power for the day of shooting??!”  Now I pride myself on a cool head and always expect the unexpected, but this was a new one on me.  Our well laid plans were being dashed by the local power company, NYSEG, who happened to schedule replacing a blown transformer on the day of the shoot!  Apparently, the resort’s ski lift had some kind of power surge that blew the transformer that powered half the resort.  The half that we needed to shoot in!

  The key to all success in life is communication…and the time to communicate was now!  After some initial shock and some new assurances of power by noon from the resort; Patrick deftly reorganized the call times and the overall travel plans with his crew . With only one small peep of “Jeez!” from hair stylist George Ortiz;  the tweaked shoot  was ready to roll! Very well done Patrick!  It was a real testament to Patrick’s  cast and crew and their dedication to the project. 

  When we all rolled into the hotel the next day, the limited emergency power was still on…but by the time the gear was loaded in, full power was back in place and the shoot went off fabulously!  It’s a bit of a metaphor for the studio as well; because after a full year of massive renovation; many obstacles and expecting the unexpected…we too are preparing to switch on to “full power”.  We invite you along for the ride and ask you to spread the word!  We’re also looking for interns who are team players.  Give us a shout…peace out. 



Special Thanks:  The Villa Roma, Pat Carlucci, Carol Kelly, The Callicoon Brewery, Peppino’s Pizza, Mister G’s, Majek Furniture, All our extras:  Claire Coleman, Elizabeth Ennis, Robyn Almquist, Gina Molinet, Ramona Jan, Greg Castro, Jessica Adamson, Donald  Almquist, John Letourneau, Amy Goodstein, Joshua Bloom, Jonathan Charles Fox of the River Reporter, RJ Baker, Wade St. Germain and the entire cast and crew of “Nick and NickyPatrick Askin, Ian Whitt, Glenn North, Rachel Mcphee, Marcus Slabine, David Bourla, Niav Conty, Buddy Lamers, Montgomery Frazier, George Ortiz, Lorraine Altamura, Carl Welden, Kory Diskin and Joel McGlumphly